Canada Business Visa

Canada is one of the most ideal business and investment destinations for the worldwide investors and business peoples. The Canadian Government and immigration encourages people across the globe to invest and contribute to the Canadian economy, thereby, increasing international exposure and great earning potential to the business people.

Apart from the above programs, a few provinces also have got their own Business Immigration Programs to attract and retain the individuals with Business Experience, i.e. Quebec Business Immigration. The business immigration programs of the PNP programs are designed as per the needs and requirement of a particular province and hence, many of such programs might suit your candidature as well. So, PNP programs are also a good option to apply.

The Immigrant Investor Venture Capital (IIVC) Pilot Program has reopened. The CIC will admit the applications from May 25 to 30 December, 2015, and will process the first 60 applications completed from all perspective. Moreover, the CIC will also accept up to 60 extra applications that will be placed on a waiting list.
The program may close earlier if 60 immigrant investors are permitted for permanent residence, or once 60 applications are in processing and 60 applications are on the waiting list.

Why Canada is an ideal Business & Investment Destination?

  • Lower business costs and corporate tax rates
  • Ready access to markets
  • A highly skilled and educated workforce
  • Strong public support for R&D and stable
  • Robust financial institutions

Self-employed Persons Program

Self employed person is a foreign national who has relevant experience, can be self employed in Canada and contribute to the economy here. The applicant will be selected based on the criteria, i.e.

  • Age
  • Education
  • Experience
  • Language abilities and
  • Adaptability

Self-employed Persons Program

It applies to the individuals who have a business idea as well as someone to fund it as well.
In order to be able to receive a start-up visa, you need to:

  • Meet the language proficiency requirements
  • Prove that your Business scheme or idea is being supported by a selected Organization
  • Have a sufficient arrangement of funds