Canada Working Holiday Visa

Canada Working Holiday Visa offers a great opportunity to the young individuals to get the valuable experience in Canada while being on a short term holiday. The individuals between ages 18-30 and 18-35 are eligible for this visa, based on their nationality. This exceptional holiday visa also allows you to work in Canada to support you holidays in the beautiful maple leaf country.

The Government of Canada wants people to enter and work legally in Canada and apply for relevant visa. Hence, it is very crucial to know about the various visa categories, in order to choose the one that first best with your eligibility and requirements.The Working Holiday program is offered by the Canadian government through International Experience Canada (IEC) Visa. However, working holiday program is meant for the countries having an agreement with Canada to enhance the exchange of culture and heritage among the countries with different cultural aspects, lifestyle, and identity. The program is specially aimed to provide the youth an exposure and experience in different countries.

IBC is a registered Canadian Visa and Immigration Consultancy Firm, which provides valuable support and assistance to apply for the Working Holiday visa in Canada. IBC is not associated with any government body, hence, it charges a reasonable fee for offering the vital services and assistance to help you apply for this visa. IBC also helps you in following all the key procedural aspects so that the whole process becomes absolutely smooth and hassle free for you.

Eligibility Requirement for Canadian Working Holiday Visa

  • Must be a citizen of the countries (refer the list above), which have bilateral youth mobility agreement with Canada.
  • Must be outside Canada when submitting an application for the visa upon the grant.
  • Must be between 18-30 or 18-35 (based on the nationality) years of age when submitting the application for visa.
  • Need to submit application not more than 12 months before the visit.
  • Pay the Required fees for the visa.
  • Must not be accompanied by any dependent.
  • Should have a round trip air ticket or funds to purchase the same before the departure.
  • Require meeting the health and character parameters.
  • Need to have enough funds (at least 2500 CAD$) to support your stay in the beginning.
  • Need to have enough health insurance cover for your period of stay in Canada.

Key Benefits of Working Holiday Visa

  • As a Working Holiday Visa holder, you can live in Canada for up to 1 year or 2 years based on your Nationality.
  • You are also allowed to work in Canada legally.
  • This visa provides you a great opportunity to explore the culture and lifestyle of Canada.
  • You may get the valuable work experience in Canada, which helps a great deal if you plan to stay in permanently later.