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About Us

IBC Skilled Migration is a Canadian Migration Company based in Brampton, Ontario. Our objective is to educate and empower skilled professionals while streaming the application process for economic immigrants. In doing so, we provide a variety of immigration services as it relates to working, studying, and migrating to Canada. The policy regarding migrating to Canada can be complicated, we can remove that challenge for you and provide clarity in terms of applying and understanding the eligibility criteria. Our team of professionals has a broad knowledge of the immigration policy along with a proven track record of admissible skilled workers over the years. We provide a high degree of transparency while providing the most cost effective services based on individual needs.

Our Service

We provide exemplary services which cater to a diverse and multicultural community. We are friendly, affordable, and accessible. Our services are designed to guide you through the immigration process with very little effort on your part. IBC team members have number years of experience dealing with immigration matters. They will help you to determine the best solution for you. We are licensed and certified to assist you with the relocation process and can minimize your challenges. We believe that there is a way in which you can achieve your goals. Contact us today.

Please choose one of the following contact methods in order to speak with an experienced professional regarding your individual service needs.

  • Office line: 905-497-4311
  • Free fax line: 1-866-438-4311
  • Email: Info@ibcskilledmigration.ca
  • Address: 41 Queen Street East, Suite 202, Brampton, On, L6W 2A7